// Flight Event Data Collection

Complete and Accurate

FLIRT is the software solution for the automated capturing of extensive, auditable flight event data. FLIRT collects data where it originates. It is compatible with all airline systems and provides a complete and accurate collection of source data for all flight events. FLIRT is tailored to the particular requirements of your airport and delivers detailed information, enabling error-free invoicing, a reduction in complaints, the optimisation of operative processes and precise  statistics.


Speedy recognition for speedy action. The quality and, particularly, the relevance of data are decisive in invoicing  processes, statistics and marketing strategies. Get your airport or airline back on track with FLIRT and have all relevant flight data at your immediate disposal. You will have all the information on 97% of all flights within 24 hours,  guaranteeing punctual invoicing and the modern optimisation of operative processes.


Quality, quantity and auditability of flight event data are increasingly becoming the airport’s central “value creator”.  FLIRT is the cost-efficient software solution for automated flight event data collection. It offers flexible configuration, is compatible with all airline systems and is convenient to use. Processing times and processing costs will be reduced and errors in manual recording can be avoided. You will, thus, achieve a systematic improvement in data quality, which will result in progress at all levels.


Flight event data is the central theme running through all airports and airlines. With FLIRT they will become visible, transparent and usable for processing optimisation, making forecasts, as well as operative and strategic decisions and creating new opportunities. Discover a new dimension to the quality of flight event data with FLIRT and benefit from the new perspectives.