Per Bjørnlund
Head of Group Corporate Accounting, Finance
Copenhagen Airports A/S

Sustainable and Cost-efficient Solution for Billing and Accounting.

With FLIRT we have set up the basis for sustainable data management. It meets all the current requirements of an international airport. FLIRT carries out the complete, accurate collection of all flight event data and makes passenger structures transparent. Within an extremely short space of time, we have completed information on all flights, enabling effective, steady and error-free invoice processing, as result the reduction of complaints and optimisation of  compensation procedures. The process of automated flight event data collection also has a positive effect on our  turnover through substantial time-saving and lower processing costs.

Our expectations have, thus, been completely fulfilled and all parties are very satisfied with FLIRT. The system requires virtually no maintenance. If support is required, FIPLAN provides a prompt personal, comprehensive service and  effective consultation on site no problems are left unresolved. Cooperation with FIPLAN is very good and professional. In
particular, we benefit from the airport knowledge which FIPLAN has acquired over the years.