K. Veelayudan Nair
General Manager Special Projects
Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad

Adaptive Technology for Automated Flight Event Data Collection.

With FLIRT implemented at all 24 airports and STOLports operated by Malaysia Airports, we have entered a new age of  modern, exact flight event data recording. Supported by FIPLAN´s very high technical competence, the new solution was implemented in 5 international Malaysian airports over a period of only 3 years. A feasibility study encouraged us to expand and introduce the system to the 19 national airports and STOLports. FLIRT thereby fulfils all our requirements and offers flexible implementation, whether for international or national airports.

Since the introduction of FLIRT, Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad has been benefiting from automated flight event data collection. It guarantees access to complete, consistent data and optimises many manual and time-consuming processes of flight event data collection. The data is now not only available more rapidly, but also shows considerably more information. Time-saving and the simple operation by the end user have an effect on employees, leading to a very high level of acceptance by the users.

FLIRT is a really worthwhile investment. International airports, in particular, show a very high ROI. FLIRT has been the decisive factor in significantly improving our data collection.