Franziska Platten
Head of Data Warehouse & Statistics
Flughafen Zurich AG

New Ways in Marketing with FLIRT.

Since the introduction of FLIRT, the quality as well as the amount of data captured particularly in relation to passenger figures and the number of transfer passengers has increased considerably. We have also noticed a sharp fall in complaints from airlines and an improvement in process efficiency. All airlines and handling agents have access to FLIRT. This  enables more effective communication at the airport, standardisation of data management and is a huge step forward in terms of data quality.

Many forms of analysis would be impossible today without FLIRT. And that is a great incentive for us to use the data  intensively – particularly in marketing and operation steering, where FLIRT is widely accepted. Data provides the highly informative basis for reliable forecasts and the observation of market developments. In addition, thanks to the logical and user-friendly structure of FLIRT and the basic training carried out through FIPLAN, we have been able to  considerably reduce personnel costs and the amount of time spent on data capturing.

Compared to other suppliers, the initial investment was very low and the advantages were tremendous. We received a return on investment in the shortest possible time. We can completely rely on FLIRT in all respects.